About Us

It is Melissa Santangelo’s personal mission to teach methods of holistic care that help enrich the lives of those she touches. Her number one goal for producing media; is to help Women all over the world to learn how to connect with their own Groovy Goddess self.treatment_special

Spa Santangelo’s Mission is to offer affordable relaxing holistic care, while having some fun. We are Santa Cruz Counties premier provider of alternative health care, holistic recovery and wellness,  for stress and addiction related imbalance. Spa Santangelo is San Lorenzo Valley’s center for balance and celebration!

With this in mind we have gathered a team of healers that all share the intention of helping the healing energy flow for you. The history of the spa is as amazing as the energy healing that goes on in this space.

IMG_1499_fixedMelissa Santangelo,  Owner, Intuitive Spa Chef and Author

Melissa Santangelo ~ The Groovy Goddess, is the founder of a full service affordable holistic fitness, wellness and skin care center, Spa Santangelo, formally Balance Studio Spa. Located in a serene spot among the redwoods of Felton, CA, with flowering gardens and her mosaic art, she created her dream by opening the first of its kind spa in the Santa Cruz Mountains, in 2003.

Certified in Yoga, Pilates, massage and energy work, Melissa is an expert in the field of tender loving care (TLC), detoxification, weight loss and stress reduction. She has led classes, workshops and written many articles on the subject of holistic care.

Writing a quarterly column in Belly Dance Magazine called Fitness for the Dancer from 2007 until the magazine’s end in 2011. In 2008, she was honored to be asked to produce and co-host a radio show on KSCO 1080AM called Radiance and Chocolate until May 2009.  Where she was able to interview many of her mentors and create a wonderful and powerful informational shows for the community. Fulfilling a dream and filming her own workout DVD, Groovy Goddess Workout Yoga and Pilates.

At a young age, Melissa knew she would write a book about her journey and she started to journal. In 2008, she self published a book The Key To Life is Balance, a journal of her experiences and more! It shares her journey to enlightenment through finding balance after becoming homeless at 36 with her 5 year old daughter. Melissa continues to self produce self-help books, videos, and recordings. In 2011, she created The Balance Tool Kit. A kit that gives you many ways to reduce stress and heal your mind, body and spirit.

In 2013, Melissa created The Balance 7 Day Juice Cleanse meal plan  and information about how herbs and food help the body with wellness and balance. This cleanse is inspired by a conversation Melissa had with Jack LaLanne himself and can be found in her second book, Spa-Cipes, The Spa Cookbook. This book includes all of Melissa’s holistic recipes to bring her spa to your home. At the age of 9, Melissa would create spa treatments from food in the kitchen and herbs from the garden when she felt alone and sad. Her teens and early twenties were spent overweight, depressed and lacking in self esteem due to lack of family and community nurturing and support. Becoming homeless was her rock bottom and when she made the decision to go within and make life changes, she came back to her intuition and found a meditation practice that served her. Now, her life long journey is to help others find balance easily and have fun while doing it.

Melissa is a graduate from Cypress Health Institute, class of 2003. She has integrated all of her knowledge with this comprehensive education of massage training and polarity with her fitness background into a holistic practice she personally uses and teaches.

In 2014,  changing her name back to her birth name Santangelo was the focus. Realizing her given sir name Santangelo meaning “Saint Angel” would be a better fit for her now chosen lifestyle. Because she is known locally as “Stone” you may see the names combined  for business purposes.

In 2016, changing the business name to Spa Santangelo to reflect Melissa’s life’s goals.

The Key To Life Is Balance Tool Kit includes:
The Key To Life Is Balance book and work book and two CDs; Mystic Meditations for Daily Life and Success and Abundance Cd’s