Balance 7 Day Juice Cleanse

juicecleanseThis cleanse is also featured in Melissa’s book Spa-Cipes The Spa Cookbook.

The Balance 7 Day Juice Cleanse was inspired by a conversation Melissa Santangelo had with Jack LaLanne back in 2008 on her radio show Radiance and Chocolate.

Looking to juice, detox or cleanse? To order online go HERE, then call to have your SKYPE session and ship product or to book your appointment.

Do you like to cleanse but, dislike how cleansing makes you feel during them? Melissa  Santangelo and Daniel Gross, have created The Balance Cleanse. The Balance 7 day Juice Cleanse includes; A full 3 meal / 2 snacks a day, 7 day meal plan with complete shopping list, a 7 day supply of calcium bentonite clay, consultation and training about juice cleansing, full support via skype and e-mail during your cleanse and many choices of more exclusive offers to better your health and well being.

Have you wanted to cleanse your body but do not want to feel run down or hungry during it? You still want to eat chocolate and other favorite foods during your cleanse? No problem this is the Balance Cleanse!

Finally a cleanse that keeps you full and feeling great while cleansing out your body.

Who says you can’t eat on a cleanse?

Who says you can’t have chocolate during a cleanse?

You do not have to take harsh supplements to clean out your digestive system and recharge your vital organs.

It is all about eating the right foods while you cleanse, not depriving the body.

Did you know some foods and herb combinations will actually help reduce inflammation and pain in your body? And, that some foods speed up your metabolism and can restart organs!

The Balance Cleanse is a 7 day cleanse that will do all of this and more. It will be a renewing rejuvenating feeling you will be receiving from your whole body during the 7 days.

This is a gift to yourself that never stops giving! You can do the cleanse as often as you like or keep it going each and every day for a life change and weight loss.