Body Wraps

A healthy detox that shows a definite inch loss that creates a definite size loss from fatty areas that can be noticed after the first treatment. We recommend that you have 4 to 6 treatments to see significant change.

Now through Feb 28, 2017 you can book an add on body wrap for $40.00 with any massage. To order online, use BODY as the code to get your discount ($35.00 value) .

Then call us to get booked or to send a gift certificate. 

We now have body wrap choices: 

Coffee and Rose Wrap or ask for the seaweed wrap with lavender.

Our Body Wrap rates are:

Body Wrap with 1 mask aloe facial wrap $95
Body Wrap $75
3  Body Wraps $185
6  Body Wraps $400

Order online here, then book your appointment time.

You choose your treatment style.

  • Hot soaked linen wraps are applied to the full body as a wrap mummy style as you relax in a warm blanket cocoon, for 45 minutes.
  • Heated solution is applied to the back and stomach, heated soaked towels are then applied to the body and then you are wrapped in them and warm blanket cocoon, for 45 minutes.

You choose your wrap solution.

  • seaweed wrap
  • coffee wrap
  • clay wrap

The solution of highly active concentrates will tone and tighten surface skin and boost cellular activity to restore elasticity and firmness to the tissues. Natural aromas benefit the body through inter-cellular osmosis to produce positive therapeutic effects. Toxins are eliminated naturally through the lymphatic system. The treatment is safe for anyone as no dehydration or compression is used. After the treatment, a shower or bath is unnecessary, as the solution is soaked into the skin, leaving it soft and clean.
Drinking 3-4 liters of water during the 24-hour period the following treatment will flush toxins through the system to ensure that the size loss will stay off.

To keep inch loss sign up for the monthly membership program and always have your body wrap appointment.