Energy Work

energywork2Energy work is focused on the field of the body, the aura. It is very effective in treating sleep issues, stress and illness. When a trained energy practitioner is focusing Divine healing energy all around you. Things will shift and change in the field around you. You will feel more relaxed and let in that healing focused energy.

energyworkPolarity and Reiki are types of bodywork that work on an energetic level of the body. Energy work is highly effective on those struggling with emotional issues, depression or those wanting to change their negative habits. Working on the energy body; the luminous energy field or Aura. We can remove emotional blocks and start to move the stagnant energy field that is created by the emotional distress or stress of life. We all store patterns, traumas and belief systems in our emotional body. This is why change feels hard. Just wanting to change your habits may bring up fear for most people. This fear can be easily dissolved using energy work.  As energy healers, we focus on sensing where your  energy is blocked and where pools of too much energy are. Using our intention and channeling only Divine energy (healing white light) to move energy helps in the removal of these blocks.

Melissa Santangelo, knew from an early age that she can pick up on others pain and illness and she can connect with (what she calls) Divine healing. This energy makes others feel very relaxed and at times has taken away their pain. Clients have said, “she has wise hands”. Melissa says, “It is my calling to do this work!”

Melissa will read your energy and with that information give you a plan that will work on those blocks. This balance will bring you to having an easier time in changing your life. No matter what it is you want to change!

Try it for yourself for relaxation or to create healing change in your life!
What to ask for when booking a Polarity balance.

  • Need more energy or having periods of depression – fire balance
  • Emotional issues or digestion health issues – water balance
  • Fear of change or structural health issues – earth balance
  • Disconnect with Spirit not able to know one’s path – air balance
  • Chakra Balance – overall balance
  • Reiki – overall healing and relaxation

Our Energy Work rates are:

  • 45 min Polarity Balance $45
  • sound healing add on  for $35

Polarity or Reiki sessions are 45 mins and are clothed. They can be combine with massage, food facial or add on spa treatments.

NEW to the spa Sound Healing! We are using two tuning forks; C sharp (medium frequency) and DNA repair (high frequency) to relax the body and start the healing process. When sound healing is added to a massage, the clients float out of the treatment space.

To order online, enter in your phone number and someone will call you to book your appointment or look for an e-mail. Call us 831-335-8335 if you do not hear from us within 24 hours.