Salt Scrub

salt scrubOur Santangelo signature salt scrub is like getting a 30 minute massage and exfoliation all in one affordable treatment, of $35.

Salt scrubs dissolve negative energy in your energy field or aura. Using different essential oils you can also create balance with issues you might be having in your emotional body. The salt will cleanse and exfoliate your skin of dead skin cells and leaves your skin feeling vibrantly clean and soft.

Our add on treatment can be purchased alone or is perfect with any of our other services. Pick from any of our custom salt scrub combos, will be applied to your back, legs, arms and feet after a short back massage $35.

Then take home, a 4oz glass jar, custom blend of Santangelo signature salt scrub $35.

  • Pink Ph balancing Tulip scent
  • Lavender and Chamomile scent
  •  Coffee Salt Scrub with Rose scent
  • or any custom scent

We offer a refill policy with all Spa Santangelo Skin Care products. Just bring back the jar and refill for $5.00 off the retail price.  We can create the same blend or a new one.