Spa-Cipes The Spa Cookbook

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This book is abundantly full of natural food, herb and oil recipes Melissa calls her Spa-Cipes. Chapters include healing baths with Tub Yoga and grounding meditations, food facials and hair treatments, natural hair dye, body wraps and treatments, soap making, and even Spa-Cipes for dogs.

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You will want this book on hand because it contains the only Balance Cleanse that keeps you in Balance while you cleanse out your body. This book lists over 30 ways to use Coconut Oil to gain control of your beauty and health. Spa-Cipes is full of other great natural ways to be in Balance and Love your body in the process.

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Chapter One – Spa Memories
Chapter Two – Soothing Soaks and Healing Baths
Chapter Three – Food Facials
Chapter Four – Detox Wraps
Chapter Five – Healing Body Treatments
Chapter Six -Hair Treatments
Chapter Seven – Salt and Sugar Scrubs
Chapter Eight – Healing Steam, Herbs and Oils
Chapter Nine – Feed your Body (Balance 7 day Juice Cleanse)
Chapter Ten – Loving Your Body
Chapter Eleven – Spa-Cipes for dogs

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Professional Reviews for Spa-Cipes;

After reading Spa-Cipes, all I can say is… FINALLY! Set-N-Me-Free has encouraged the innovative use of natural food ingredients to improve skin in a safe and effective way, for over thirty years. Melissa has made this concept a reality with her new book. This beautiful collection of recipes and techniques are simple enough for the home spa and effective enough for the professional to use on clients in the fanciest spa.

Nicol Sockey, Set-N-Me-Free Aloe Vera

I love all things related to plants and the natural world. Being a landscape designer and gardening columnist I am always outside with flowers, trees and fragrance. When I read Melissa’s book I was happy to see how she had woven their uses into our daily life. Her Spa-Cipes and recipe for happiness in life is infectious.

There is a saying in the Lokota tribe that reads “When a man moves away from nature his heart becomes hard.” Melissa’s book not only gives you a recipe for living and enjoying a healthy life she has peppered it with inspirational sayings that brighten your day. One of my favorites is by Charles Schultz and reads: “All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.”

Melissa’s book contains recipes for scented baths that relax or energize you, foot soaks, shower soothers, room sprays, homemade soaps, food facials, hair treatments, detox wraps, healing body treatments for us and our pets as well as shopping lists for natural foods and an explanation for how they help our bodies. There are also recipes for healthful smoothies, snacks and meals.

I loved Spa-cipes and recommend it to everyone who enjoys nature as I do. And who doesn’t love to surround themselves with flowers, fruit, and healthy vegetables in new and creative ways?

Jan Nelson,The Mountain Gardener and gardening columnist for The Press Banner

Melissa Stone Santangelo Spa-Cipes is an engaging and informative book for everyone who wants to feel good, look good and be environmentally conscious at the same time. Melissa brings her knowledge of herbs and foods into a warm and informative approach to caring for yourself and/or your loved one in the comfort of your own home. She does a great job of explaining the ingredients and why each one is beneficial. The recipes are easy and exciting to prepare and use. Melissa delights in offering the wisdom she has discovered about our bodies, minds, herbs and foods in ways that are fun and helpful. This is a book infused with Love for all and makes taking care of yourself easier than you might think. Try a few of the recipes-youll be glad you did!

Larry Bernstein, Cypress Health Institute

I have known Melissa for some years, so I already knew she was on the path of enlightenment and balance. She asked me to preview her wonderful new book, and I must say I have seldom read something so profoundly, simple yet powerful. In one book she has designed a way to live that offers a very understandable way to live holistically. Frankly, it was so exciting that I had to reread it to grasp the elegant simplicity of it; she has taken a very complex process, and reduced it to something we can start using immediately. This book will change your life. It is as beautifully present, as simply complex and balanced as Melissa herself. To get something you never had, do something you’ve never done.

Theo Jackson, Family Therapist

In Spa-Cipes Melissa combines multiple aspects of living life in balance with simple and easy to follow in-home recipes for a variety of skin, body and emotional well being. She covers a multitude of holistic bath, body and meditation techniques for life’s every day physical and emotional challenges. It is apparent her life’s journey has been instrumental in the development of these recipes and techniques to become an accomplished spa solutions expert. In addition to approaching emotional and physical well being from the outside using natural food sources, healing salts and oils, she completes the circle with nutritional and dietary solutions. I was very impressed with the overall scope and depth of this book. An excellent home health reference as well as a wonderful gift for friends and family.

Mary Vernier, Mary’s Green and Clean Handcrafted Soaps

There is a little question that science and technology have contributed greatly to improving life here on planet earth. Medical advances such as the artificial heart, prolongs the lives of those that might otherwise die while waiting for a transplant. More than 20,000,000 people have watched the You Tube video of Sarah Churman s wonderment at hearing for the first time, thanks to a cochlear implant. The Internet has made it possible for people to connect with one another to share, work, learn and rally together as if they lived in the same town and not halfway around the world. Yet there is a dark side to modern progress.

Todays Standard American Diet (SAD) is comprised of processed, fatty, sugar-laden and dead foods that contribute to chronic illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease and obesity. Corporate giants manufacture foodstuffs loaded with genetically-modified organisms and artificial ingredients, which are toxic to people and animals. Products on labels of personal care products found in the neighborhood drug store require a PhD in science to decipher, having been invented in a test tube. Even the terms earth-friendly and natural have been bastardized by large corporations to green wash products that are anything but earth-friendly and natural. The good news is that we are, in my opinion, enjoying a renaissance – a return to what is truly healthy, simple and sustainable. More and more people in the mainstream are waking up not only to the dangers of our modern world, but also to alternative lifestyles and products that were the norm for our grandparents and great-grandparents. One of the gifts of the Internet is that information can be shared not solely by those with the deepest pockets and greatest political power, but by the meekest among us, at a grass roots level. In the end, knowledge is power. People are growing their own food, even in urban areas where wide open spaces are non-existent. New Meetup groups focusing on spiritual, financial and physical fitness are formed every day, providing opportunities for exercise, community and improvement in these areas. And they are available to anyone with access to a computer with Internet access, including those at public libraries. Spa-Cipes is a true example of not only what is truly healthy but also of the natural health and beauty renaissance happening today. The recipes in this book make it incredibly easy not only for people to take better care of themselves and their families, but to do so on the cheap. Users of these Spa-Cipes will not only benefit from the healing power of the ingredients, but they will also be contributing to lessening their impact on the environment and having fun in the process! It is both inspiring and admirable when an individual like Melissa Stone Santangelo is able to connect so easily and deeply with her childhood-self. As a child, she found herself in the kitchen mixing up batches of spa treatments using food from her pantry and refrigerator. Melissa was divinely connected to the contents of her mothers kitchen! She concocted and tested and revised her creations until they were the best they could be. Melissa has been using these recipes at her spa for many years, much to the delight of her clients. Now, Melissa is graciously sharing the best of these proven formulas with her clients and fans. For that, Melissa gets a gold star in my book!

Janet Lancaster, Earths Living Clay San Diego, California